Mental Toughness Journal

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Unlock your child's potential with the Mental Toughness Journal - a powerful resource designed to help young athletes develop a stronger, more resilient mind for the sports field and beyond. Written by a qualified sport psychology professional, this book is packed with the essential mental skills used by many of the world's top athletes.

The Mental Toughness Journal is more than just a journal - it's a guide to help teens navigate sporting life from a value-based perspective and motivate them to approach challenges with courage and a willingness to embrace the uncomfortable moments that life brings. With exercises for staying present in our distracted world, kids will learn mental skills such as goal-setting, growth mindset, visualization, mindful breathing, creating focus plans, reflections and more.

But that's not all - half of the book is a daily planner that ensures your child is committing to making the habits that will propel them towards achieving their goals.

And with the daily reflection page, they'll solidify their learnings and make important decisions for the future. Don't let your child's mental game hold them back - give them the tools they need to excel with the Mental Toughness Journal.

Aimed at kids from 11+ (but relevant to all ages!)