Embrace the F word.

Guess what? I'm sick of the way people talk about the F Word. We should friggin love the F word!!

But, ever since we were young we were told to avoid it. We’re told it’s bad. Really bad. DON"T SAY IT! It’s horrible to even think about without getting scared about it. We even get nervous about how it will make us feel!

But yet, in many ways it’s the key to success in pretty much EVERYTHING. Especially in Sport.

Failing is a really hard thing to embrace because a lot of the messages we are getting from the world is that immediate success is critical. To be good without putting in the effort is seen as admirable. To be a “natural” is much more highly valued that being a someone who tries hard - by those people who don't get it! We worry about doing things for the first time because we won't be "good" at them. Does that sound stupid? It does to me. But we do it all the time! Fill the gaps... "I don't do ....... because I am no good at...." We hear it constantly. We choose easier paths because "hard" takes longer and provides more failures, which we're told are all bad! Don't lose, Don't stuff up, Don't make a mistake! But failures can be so good! Imagine the freedom you can have if you truly believe (when you're not yet good at something, or just getting better) and say to yourself THAT'S OK. Who you are is not someone who needs to prove how naturally good they are something. You can learn, learn and keep learning so that you keep moving forward. So you can face and embrace setbacks and reflect and grow and get better.

After all

"An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field"

Have you made all the mistakes in your journey to mastery ?