What we can learn from the Pipe Masters 2022 and Kelly Slaters win.

What we can learn from Pipe Masters and Kelly Slater's win last weekend?

At almost 50 years of age too!! Well, there IS hope for all of us aging athletes out there!

Seth Moniz's (his opponent in the final) comment before the heat was a request for Kelly to "push him" and bring the best out of him.

If you're wanting your opponent to compete poorly against you, so you can have an easy win, you're seeing threats rather than challenges

If athletes can see competition as a way of bringing out the best in each other, and as a challenge that will do just that - rather than a threat, then they've got their mind in the right place for peak performance.

We should welcome the best our opponent can bring and back ourselves to rise as a result.

Bring it on! It's a great way to look at it! He didn’t win but…that’s sport.

In the post heat interview Kelly referred to all the heartbreak and pain the sport has bought him. AS WELL AS all the highs - such as this one. In any relationship, including the one you have with sport, there is both pain and joy. Accepting both. Acknowledging both. You can't have one without the other. Two sides of the same coin.

But Zane, I only want the good stuff...

Yeah, me too! Unfortunately we gotta take both sides otherwise well...I guess we COULD avoid both.... and just give up.

Again in the post final interview Kelly said: "I just tried to breathe and stay in the moment" simple advice, but it's often all we can do. Stay with our breath and let it flow.

Intrinsically motivated: Surfers, probably more so than other mainstream sports, genuinely love to surf as much as they love to win. They want to surf a wave well because that is what gives them the ultimate "peak experience."

The winning is nice too! But intrinsically motivated people are more resilient under pressure and will get into a state of flow - it's kind of a pre-requisite.

One of post heat quotes:

“I said just stay in the moment, just soak it up, even if he beats you, just love it all. I committed my life to this. To all of this. To all of the heartbreak and winning and all this crap, you know, I’ve hated lots of it, but I savor this and this is the best win of my life.”